Boost Engagement with Social Media Marketing

Social media today has completely revamped the outlook of every facet of human life. We are more informed than ever through Twitter now, as opposed to waiting for the newspaper bulletin every hour. Also, social media profiles have become a routine part of employment background screening now. Presidents are now tweeting their statements more than ever before, and social media presence has become a real phenomenon, like never before.

Social media has revolutionized the current era: from the Arab Spring to George Floyd riots, one post is enough to spark change and protests. However, moving away from the political lookout, social media can also be a business owner’s best friend.

For brand exposure, the first rule is to remain professional, positive, brand-consistent and empathic to the prevailing mood. You must avoid rocking the boat; you may choose to go for an ‘edgy’ corporate marketing, but those could backfire. It is a fine balance between becoming trendy and outdated or bland. Striking the optimal balance of personality is what businesses need to strike.

To engage people to follow your corporate social media account, you need to provide your potential customers with coupons, promotions, sales and events – basically, reasons and benefits to follow you! This can include information, value, recreation (contests, catchy images). All of these acts to motivate your followers to staying connected with your content.

Also, besides the basic information sharing, you can also share funny memes and share quotes that will inspire your followers, once in a while. Also, don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags to help categorize your posts better. Remember, consistency is key in running social media accounts, as your followers need to be up-to-date with your brand to remember it, for good!

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