Creating a Social Media Engagement Plan

Defining a social media strategy is easy-breezy, with a few dimensions along which you need to analyze your plan. These include the following:

  1. Defining your market: where are your customers present the most? Facebook (middle-aged folks), or LinkedIn (ideal for B2B purchase) or Snapchat (popular with the younger lot), etc
  2. Pre-design and stock up on content to share periodically: keep a schedule of your posts to release beforehand. This way, you will have well-thought designs and remain consistent for your fans.
  3. Create news for your brand: this includes press releases, new product launches and announcements, with your logos and branding
  4. Respond to your followers: answer questions, and engage with your followers through private messages or comments. Your followers will feel like you care about their opinions and will want to stay connected to you
  5. Measure engagement to track what is working, and ditch what is not: social media metrics offers you to track your ROI with precision. Promote what works and discontinue what doesn’t work, and no longer splurge your money on wasteful marketing expenditure.
  6. Engaging posts: you can share old posts with ‘flashback’ or ‘throwback’ titles. You can also, promote sales by stating ‘for a limited time only’ or ‘last chance’ posts when the promotion is about to end. Besides this, festivals and events are important to latch onto: make sure you post about the upcoming occasions with a Greeting Card on your social media platform aligned with your brand’s ethos. Besides this, you can occasionally ask questions through polls and LIVE sessions to make your followers feel that they are being heard actively. To stay in the limelight, have a look at what your competitors are doing, and do it better yourself! All of these are just a few of the basic posts that one company can use – there exist a plethora of more strategies that one can deploy. After all, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of promotion: it varies from brand to brand, location to location and audience to audience.

Thus, social media marketing remains to be one of the most untapped, yet lucrative avenue for any business today to flourish manifold. However, finding the right balance and correct mix to step out in the world of promotion can be tricky.

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